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Why Sell With Us?


Selling your home should be a smooth process and your goal is to be presented with the highest possible price the market is prepared to offer at the time of sale. However when selecting an agent to sell your home it is important to assess whether that agent is able to give your property the exposure it needs to compete with similar homes in your area.

One of the easiest traps that Property Sellers fall into is the promise by an agent to do the work to sell your property for free. Nothing is free. What happens when you appoint an agent who makes this offer to you, is that your property is tied up with that agency for 90 days and time can be lost with the property not selling or turning stale to the market. In turn this will cost you precious time and money and the inability to move on.

If your property hasn’t sold in the 90 day timeframe using this strategy this usually means that buyers have not been enticed by that agent’s marketing strategy to inspect your home and therefore the feedback you might receive will be floored. 

Buyers like to be in control to make a choice on when and where they inspect a potential property. One size does not fit all and the greatest problem facing Property Sellers who appoint an agent that does not utilise all aspects of marketing to encourage inspections, is that your selling experience turns to frustration and disappointment.  Even though you may not have paid marketing costs and you feel you’ve saved money, in the end it will most likely cost you thousands of dollars because of lost time and lower offers being received due to the length of time on market and the Sellers last minute desperation to sell.

Myths and Important things to consider when appointing an agent:

  • No Sale, No Charge –The reality is no agent gets paid until the property is sold and settlement has taken place.  Therefore he/she should work their hardest for you to sell your property for an acceptable sale price so that they get paid.
  • You don’t need to invest in Marketing – You can’t sell a secret. Almost every property that sells is advertised online and offered for inspection. Major national portals are the main source of enquiry across Australia. A sign out the front does not guarantee a sale nor does the withholding of an address. Some properties respond differently to other types of marketing however a good agent will be experienced in getting the maximum exposure your property needs based on the target buyer your property is to be aimed at. Like anything, if you don’t put the effort in at the beginning you can’t expect to receive the return at the end that you might like to receive.
  • You don’t need to have Open Homes– Open homes are a very important way of inviting prospective buyers to view the home without them feeling intimidated and an important way your Agent will get feedback to pass back to you. Most buyers are restricted during the week to inspect properties due to work commitments and the flexibility of being able to either inspect by appointment or attend an open home can make all the difference between making an enquiry or moving on to the next property.
  • Lazy agents who recommend “No Inspection” want to keep their weekends free. Open homes are a commitment a good agent makes to give your home exposure to as many buyers as possible. A good agent will ensure the security of your home during these inspections with the offer of additional agents if required and by taking details of the buyers before allowing them access to your home.
  • Price range setting in portals allows Buyers to have an indication of what price range your property falls into and in turn qualifies the buyers that come to the open homes. Once again, a good agent will qualify the buyers very quickly if they are doing their job properly and buyers often won’t waste their time viewing a property they cannot afford.
  • Open homes may attract inspections by your neighbours and other sellers comparing their home to yours. Often a neighbour might also be your buyer or have a friend/relative wanting to buy in that same area.

Price or No Price

In a rising market pricing of a property must be strategic. Price guides are very important to qualify buyers who want to inspect your property.

A good agent will already have had this conversation with you so that you are both on the same page when he/she is speaking with prospective buyers.

A set price can cap your pricing and limit your agent to being able to negotiate above your expectations. Alternatively it can also push buyers away if the pricing is higher than the market is able to accept. It is very important that this conversation is had with your agent before you commence your campaign and that your pricing is comparable to other sales of similar homes in your area. At the end of the day, the Buyer’s set the market price – not the Seller.

Your Reason for Selling is Kept Confidential

Once again, this should be a given. It is no business of the buyers why you have made the decision to sell.  A good agent will protect your privacy.

Trust in your Agent

When you appoint an agent to represent you in the sale of your property you must feel comfortable with that person and confident that you can work together to achieve your goal. Like any relationship, this partnership is very important and must encompass trust and understanding by all parties. If you lack confidence in your agent or their process at the beginning and appoint them just to save money, then this may trickle through the campaign and cause grief for you at the end.

Experience of your Agent

When selecting your agent their knowledge, negotiation skills and level of experience in sales is a very important factor for a Seller to consider.  Anyone can try and sell someone else’s property but if their skills don’t reflect their abilities then you might be wasting your time. Don’t be afraid to interview your agent to ensure you are making the right choice.

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