Buying Tips


Historically low interest rates, easier-to-access credit and more properties about to hit the market means that 2020 is shaping to be a bumper year for property buyers.

The holiday period offers buyers the perfect time to prepare for the year ahead and anticipate any looming potholes.

The very first obstacle for buyers is finance.

The reality is that Lenders are making it easier for people who are a low credit risk, but harder for anyone with a slight blemish on their credit history, or with a quirk in the way they earn money,” he said.

While the banks are demanding a lot less paperwork now open credit reporting has come online and the banks can see 24 months of your financial history instead of maybe the six months like they previously did before the Banking Royal Commission.

Essentially what this means is that people need to keep their finances clean for at least two years and tighten their belts now if they want to buy in the future.

Some tips to consider:

1. Don’t believe the hype (good or bad)

Do your own research to find out if your target suburb is hot or not.

2.  Location and Fieldwork

You want a property that delivers what you need now or enough of what you need that you are happy to compromise for future gain.

That might include access to public roads, transport, schools, shopping centres and the type of lifestyle culture the area offers.

Do some fieldwork and take a close look around.  Grab lunch or a coffee and just take in the atmosphere of the area you are considering. Also look closely at infrastructure and future development potential of the area.

3. Consider Surrounding Suburbs

If your target suburb is out of your reach financially, consider the next suburb over. It may be heading into a growth phase for this very reason.

4.  Look for Buying Opportunities

Don’t be afraid to ask questions and look for future buying opportunities.  Keep an eye on interest rates, housing trends and consider buying in the cooler months when buyers tend to hybernate. Sellers still want to sell so often there can be great opportunities to be discovered.  Renee Rivkin quoted “buy in gloom not in boom”.

5.  Talk to the Experts

When you are doing your research, talk to the local agents who specialise in the area you are looking at, ask about schools, services and other future plans for the suburb.  Talk to locals who have lived in the area for several years and research online – lots of blogs have been set up about suburbs by locals and they are worth the read to get the inside information on that area.

6.  Be Johnny on the Spot

Don’t put off inspections or enquiries assuming the property will still be there in a week. There are lots of buyers like you hoping to get their property at the best time and assuming that you can wait is a sure fire way of missing out.

7.  Make Friends with an Agent

If you are truly excited and ready to buy in a specific suburb choose an agent you are comfortable with who can help you find what you want. All agents are buyers agents and sellers agents. Many agents may know of properties that are off the market but the seller is willing to sell their property privately.  You don’t ask you don’t get.


Waterline Real Estate specialises in working with both buyers and sellers to bring them together in a mutually satisfying transaction. Any Agent worth their salt will be able to assist you and probably be your go to person for years to come.

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