A Focus on Redlands

Waterline Real Estate Principal Christine Carroll has harnessed her 30 years’ Real Estate and Financial Planning experience to frame a guide for buyers and sellers in the Unique Redland market in South East Queensland.

A dedication to the intricacies of the property sector in Redlands is the driving force behind a new brand that has entered the local Real Estate market across the Redlands City.

Well-known local business woman and property specialist Christine Carroll has taken her 30 plus years of real estate, investment, local business and property experience to frame an Agency designed just to service the Redlands Market.

Ms Carroll says that Redlands City property is very specialist and unique to South East Queensland and requires more than just the mass “Franchise Agency churn and burn” approach.

“There is no doubt that Redlands City offers a wide range of properties that appeal to a varied demographic of people including investors, first home buyers, families looking for their forever home, those wanting to downsize and those wishing to fulfil their ultimate dream of owning a waterfront property whether it be on a canal or beachfront.”

“This is a unique market with a broad spectrum of buyers and sellers and a consistency to price and values unlike many other regions in South East Queensland.  So it’s necessary that a Real Estate Agent who is working in such a diverse market place is able to understand the unique nature of this region and its wide appeal to so many demographics.”

Ms Carroll says add to this the various online applications giving access to property information and the intelligence of todays’ real estate customers and you create the need for a specialist approach to selling and leasing property in the Redlands which supports consumer needs.

“Real Estate Buyers and Sellers know of the Redlands’ fabulous lifestyle options…they have done their homework and know it offers stability in market and price so they are seeking an outcome to a property transaction that best suits their needs.”

Ms Carroll says the Waterline Real Estate approach is to bring to market an agency that offers the best in local knowledge and marry with that the technology.

“Too many Agents focus on gloss and self-promotion and forget about the people who employ them to sell or lease their homes. In the rush of the showcase they’re forgetting that real estate transactions are about people and in many cases their emotions play a big part in their decisions during this time.”

Whether you are selling your lifetime home or an investment property, or you are looking for it, finding and choosing a Real Estate Agent that will work with you is the biggest and most important decision many people will make when dealing with their property.”

“No one enters a real estate market uninformed these days, so an Agency must ensure it is equipped to enable the end game.”

Ms Carroll says Waterline Real Estate has been created to represent the ‘You’ in real estate transactions.

“It’s all about the outcomes you want from the transaction not about the number of signs an agent can plaster across a city.”

“The title says it all – We are Agents, and as such we are employed by our clients to work for them. So that means someone who knows the local scene and can fill in the gaps on what your own research isn’t telling you. Someone who works that market to  meet your requirements.”

“Waterline Real Estate does not employ the “churn and burn” approach and instead we are taking our time to get to Know our Clients – Buyers and Sellers alike. We are about building a working relationship with You”.

Ms Carroll says for a real estate transaction to end well, an Agent must be able to take into account their clients’ own understanding and needs, as well as give a thorough snapshot of the market in their area as well as surrounding areas.

“A well-informed Agent should know about schools, transport, demographics, new infrastructure, new shopping centres, schools, developments and the type of buyers looking for homes in those areas as well as know the Sellers and the outcomes they seek. They need to know value.”

However, Ms Carroll says in her experience the ingredients to a successful real estate outcome only occurs when the relationship between Client and Agent works in sync.

“The crucial step when selecting a Real Estate Agent is finding someone you can be upfront and completely honest with throughout the entire process. You need an agent that you can communicate with easily and that you feel confident that they will have your back throughout the whole transaction.”

“This can only happen when you find an Agent who is committed to helping you achieve your goals and is not focused on their own.”

Waterline Real Estate unveiled its new look premises at 128 Shore Street North this week in Cleveland and is already working across the Redland city.                       

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